At Providence Spring Elementary, we are committed to helping our K-5 gifted and high achieving learners maximize their potential. We strive to provide an educational experience that is not only rigorous and content-rich, but also relevant to students’ lives and to the global community. PSE is the place to be for TD!

Our goal is that students:

  • Attain levels of academic achievement consistent with abilities.
  • Engage in abstract, creative, and affective reasoning.
  • Apply insightful questioning.
  • Develop a capacity to see interconnections among disciplines.
  • Practice self-directed learning and independent problem solving.
  • Strive for meaningful collaboration.
  • Maximize leadership potential.
  • Become active participants in the global community.
  • Are socially, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

At Providence Spring Elementary, gifted services are delivered through the CMS Catalyst Model. The Catalyst Model is based on consultation and collaboration between Talent Development Teachers and Classroom Teachers. TD Teachers and Classroom Teachers work together to meet the needs of the high achieving student.

For more information about the CMS Catalyst Program, please visit the CMS Advanced Studies Website.

Contact Info

Grades 1-3

Kelly Safran

Grades K & 4-5

Trinette Atri


10045 Providence Church Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277

School Contact

Phone: 980-343-6935
Fax: 980-343-6939
Courier Code: 507

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